Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Would I have to make a presentation for OLLI?
The short answer: No. You are probably confusing membership in OLLI with membership in Omnilore. Omnilore is a program of OLLI at CSUDH. Omnilore offers peer-led courses, in which the 15 or so members of the course are typically required to provide one of the presentations--45 minutes on the topic of your choice--in the 4-month term.

Most OLLI courses do not require any preparation or homework on your part. You can see on this website that we get to enjoy lectures by CSUDH professors and other experts, watch movies, tour local museums, etc. Membership in Omnilore requires membership in OLLI. OLLI's membership year is July 1 through June 30.

I go on a lot of vacation trips. Does OLLI/Omnilore allow this?
The short answer: Yes. As lifelong learners over the age of 50, many OLLI members are travelers. Let's say you sign up for a series of five OLLI lectures in Manhattan Beach, but you'll be on one of your trips for two of the lectures. No problem. You go ahead and register for the lecture series and then attend the ones that work out with your travel schedule. If you're taking a 4-month Omnilore class, you would schedule your presentation date around your vacation schedule. That's it. No problem.


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Note: OLLI needs your registration--even for free events--for grant award reporting purposes!

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