Instructional Staff

CSUDH OTIEC features an instructional staff comprised of seasoned safety professionals who possess excellent credentials relevant to various fields. Our instructional staff includes seasoned subject matter experts in the following areas:

  • Construction Projects such as hospitals, Interstate Highways and High-Rise Buildings
  • Merchant Marine Operations, Long Shoring and Marine Terminals
  • Supervising Diving Operations
  • Military Deployments
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Oil and Petroleum Refineries
  • Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities and Dental Offices
  • Fire Departments and Fire Brigades
  • Cal OSHA Field Accident Investigation
  • Cal OSHA Legal process
  • Grounds and Explosive Safety

Current OSHA Instructional Staff

 Michael Bowers
 Thomas Butler
 Jason Carothers
 John Casey
Michael Patrick Cogan
 Hector Escarcega
 Dick Monod de Froideville
Andrew Fuentes
Alex Ghazarian
 Bill Hollowell
 Jo Ann Hurtado
 Robert Jorden
 Mariano Kramer
 Aaron Morrow
 Frank Pedraza
Gary Peterson
 August Pirmann
 Mike Ryan
 Jeremy Trask
 Fred Wilton
 Katherine Wolff