Outreach Trainer Information

Procedures for Submitting Outreach Report

Step 1:
Follow the link to the new trainer portal: https://outreach.csudhosha.com

Step 2:
Create an account

  • Trainer will need to upload an image of the original trainer card
  • Email confirmation will be sent within 24 hours

Step 3:
Review the New Trainer Portal Demonstration to understand how the process works

Replacement Cards

Training Report Forms

Construction Outreach Training Report
General Industry Outreach Training Report
Maritime Outreach Training Report
Disaster Site Worker Outreach Training Report

Industry-Specific Training Information and Documents

Cal/OSHA Construction Procedures
Cal/OSHA General Industry Procedures
Construction Industry Trainer
General Industry Trainer
Maritime Industry Trainer
Disaster Site Industry Trainer


New Training Materials

Foundations for Safety Leadership Hard Hat Decal and Wallet Card

Foundations for Safety Leadership Instructor Guide

Foundations for Safety Leadership Student Handout

Foundations for Safety Leadership Powerpoint

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