Master Calendar of Due Dates    --DRAFT--






Fac. Positions

 Aug 1 Call to Divisions      UBC  VP's
 Aug 8 Call to Deans/cost ctrs/depts      VP's  Deans, etc.
 Sep 3 Call to Depts/cost ctrs      Deans Dept Chairs/cost ctrs
Oct 1-26 School/College/Dept Hearings     Dept Chairs/cost ctrs Deans
Nov 5-30 PEC Hearings     Deans/Directors PEC's
Dec 14 PEC Reports     Chair, PECs VP's
Jan 22 Div Requests     VP Brown, Pardon UBC Chair
Jan 29 Div Requests     VP Bowman, Pres Lyons UBC Chair
Feb 9 Div Requests     VP Castro UBC Chair
Feb 4-15 UBC holds Budget Hearings     n/a n/a
Feb 19-Mar 22 UBC Deliberates     n/a n/a
Apr 2-12 UBC meets with VP's     n/a n/a
 Apr 15-27 UBC Final Deliber.     n/a n/a
Apr 30 UBC Recommends     UBC President
May 1-15 President consults     President Op Staff, Pres. Cab, UPC, Ac Senate
May 17 Approves budget     President Campus Community