ALCP Student's Photos

Karaoke Night at Jessica's (Mauricio at the mike!)

Mauricio Sings


At The Queen Mary in Long Beach

Queen Mary in Long Beach

Students Touring a Russian Submarine

Inside a Russian Sub

The Annual Thanksgiving at Arnold's Family Restaurant

Thanksgiving Lunch

Thanksgiving Lunch 2

Thanksgiving Lunch 3

ALCP Barbeque !


The barbeque was great, we are ready for the birthday cake!

Sabine partying with her friends

Birthday Party

That's me in the green T-shirt.

Housing Director at the barbeque


Kaveh BBQ

Doctor Razaghi (PhD of BBQ) working the grill.


Plays and Skits

ALCP Students


So Cal Sunsets

Southern California Sunset

Pacific Ocean Sunsets on your doorstep!.

Batter Up!



Girls Vs. The Boys

Water Officials From Shandong, China

Shandong Water Group

China goverment officials visit the largest water plant of its' type!

Enjoying California History at the San Juan Capistano Mission


Laguna Beach Boardwalk (We put our feet in the Sand)

Laguna Beach

Easter Egg Race (Don't drop that egg!)