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Application for Admission (On-Line Registration Form)

Please fill out the following form (Steps 1-4) in order to apply for admission to the American Language and Culture Program. Use SUBMIT to send your completed form to us.

STEP 1: Who You Are...
Mr. (Male) Ms. (Female)
Date of Birth:

Example: January 31, 1942 = 01/31/1942

Full Name:
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Address Line 1:
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STEP 2: What Type of Program You Want?
Country of Citizenship:
Native Language:
VISA Status:
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Requesting an I-20 to enter the U.S. on an F-1 Student Visa
Transferring an I-20 from another school in the U.S.
I-20 Not Necessary (e.g. resident alien, U.S. Citizen, etc.)
Conditional Admittance:

Conditional Admission Requirements

I would like to receive information and application materials to apply for:

Intensive Certificate Programs (ICP) or Study Abroad America Undergraduate Programs (Bachelor) Graduate Programs (Master)

The Major I am interested in is:

CSUDH requires a minimum 61 IBT TOEFL score or 5.5 IELTS score for undergraduate admission and 71 IBT TOEFL or 6.5 IELTS score for graduate admission.
A separate $55 University application fee required to process university applications.

Housing Preference: Apartment on Campus No Housing Assistance Needed
Homestay (Non-University)

All students need to apply for housing well in advance of arrival. Failure to do so may place the student on the housing wait list.

Where did you hear about California State University Dominguez Hills?
ALCP Website Agency Friend/Family
ALCP Student Language Guide

Language Website Internet Search Other

STEP 3: When Do You Want to Start the Program?
Select one session from the list of sessions below:

2010 Intensive English Language Program Schedule

Class Dates
Tuition *
January 4 & 65
January 6 - February 25
$2,000 per session
March 1 & 2
March 3 - April 22
$2,000 per session
Class Dates
May 3 & 4
May 5- June 26
$2,000 per session
June 28 & 29
July 1 - August 21
$2,000 per session
Class Dates
August 23 & 24
August 25- October 14
$2,000 per session
October 18 - 19
October 20- December 9
$2,000 per session

Please also send me information on Short-Term Programs (STP):
(Available Year Round by request)
STEP 4: How to Complete Your Application...
The following materials are required before the application is complete:

Submit this On line Application Form (or mail the printed version of this application form.)

Insurance Requirment Goverment regulations require foreign students to obtain insurance to be on the campus. This insurance must to be obtained from the ALCP program during the application process or when you come on campus.

Application Fee: $55.00 U.S. I-20 can only be issued after the application fee payment has been received. (check or money order payable to CSUDH; non-refundable; no credit cards accepted on-line) This on-line application cannot be processed without this fee.

Financial Verification*: scholarship or bank statement verifying a minimum of $7,000 U.S. dollars for language studies. Conditional and regular university admissions require a separate financial statement.
* For those applicants wishing to receive I-20's to obtain F-1 Student Visas for full time study only.


  • Express Mail ($100): Due to the variance between the mail systems of each country, delivery of I-20's by ground mail can be problematic. I-20's not shipped by express mail may not be re-issued if lost or stolen. Re-issued I-20's may also be charged the $55 application fee as well.
  • Campus Housing Application ($30): Students can only reserve housing in advance of arrival by completing and submitting the Housing application form.

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