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Jerry Moore recording archaeological sites in Baja California (photo courtesy Dan Reeves)Dr. Jerry Moore
Anthropology Dept.



Ph.D., 1985  Doctor of Philosophy, University of California, Santa Barbara (Anthropology).
M.A.1980  Master of Arts, University of California, Santa Barbara (Anthropology).
B.A.1977  Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude, California State College, Stanislaus (Anthropology).


Ancient Civilizations      Archaeological Methods and Techniques             Ethnography of South America
Anthropological Theories of Behavior    Prehistory of the Americas         Prehistory of Africa and Eurasia


Prehistoric Cultural Landscapes and Built Environments
Archaeology of Andean South America
Archaeology of Western North America


2012  The Prehistory of Home. University of California Press, Berkeley.

2008 Visions of Culture: An Introduction to Anthropological Theories and Theorists. Expanded 3rd Edition.  Altamira/Rowman and Littlefield Press (1st edition, 1997; 2nd edition 2004; 4th edition, forthcoming 2012)

2005 Cultural Landscapes in the Prehispanic Andes: Archaeologies of Place. University Press of Florida.

1996  Architecture and Power in the Prehispanic Andes: The Archaeology of Public Buildings.  Cambridge University Press.

Edited Volumes

2010 La Prehistoria de Baja California: Avances en la Arqueología de la Península Olvidada. Second editor with Don Laylander and Julia Bendímez Patterson. Centro INAH-Baja California, Mexicali.

2009 Visions of Culture: A Reader.  Edited and annotated with an Introduction.  Altamira/Rowman and Littlefield Press

2006 The Prehistory of Baja California: Advances in the Archaeology of the Forgotten Peninsula. Edited by Don Laylander and Jerry Moore. University Press of Florida. Gainesville. A 2007 Choice Distinguished Book

Articles (*=peer-reviewed)
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1981* Chimú socio-economic organization:  preliminary data from Manchan, Casma Valley, Peru.  Ñawpa Pacha 19:115-128.


Visiting Professor, Cotsen Institue of Archaeology, University of California, Los Angeles
Member:  American Anthropological Association, Society for American Archaeology, Institute for Andean Studies, Register of Professional Archaeologists, Registro Nacional de Arqueólogos (Perú)

Research Projects

CSUDH Baja Research Project

Proyecto Arqueológico Tumbes