California State University Dominguez Hills Anthropology Club


Submission Guidelines

  • Work submitted must be relevant to Anthropology (anything relevant to the human experience). For example, whereas a commentary about a sports game wouldn't be relevant, an analysis of the life of a student athlete in today's university system would.

  • All work must be submitted via email to along with the completed submission form and brief abstract (250 word maximimum) of the article.

  • Work must follow the AAA style described here.

  • Articles must be between 250 and 3,000 words.

  • Incidences of plagiarism will be handled according to university plagiarism policy decribed in the CSUDH catalog here.

Submission Form

The submission form can be downloaded here.



The ESJOA editorial staff can be reached by email at or in person in the CSUDH Anthropology Lab located at SBS-A134.