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California State University Dominguez Hills and the Orange County Department of Education
now offer the first Certificate Program online in the state of California in the area of Assistive Technology. Federal and state laws require that school personnel be prepared to offer a full
range of services to provide accessibility to disabled persons, including blind, deaf, or handicapped persons, as well as other persons with special education needs. This Certificate Program will prepare individuals to fully understand and implement these state and federal mandates. All of the courses offered meet the professional development hours for license renewal as required by the California Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board(link to CSUDH catalogue).


Educational administrators, teachers, and anyone who has the desire or professional need to learn the federal and state requirements for serving the disabled within their organizations, including:

• Special Education Teachersat
• Occupational and Physical Therapists
• Speech and Language Specialists
• Rehabilitation Specialists
• Program Specialists
• Resource Specialists
• Psychologists
• Administrators

In addition, the first course, SPE 530 Introduction to Assistive Technology, is an overview which will be of interest to a greater audience including parents of disabled students as well as other interested members
of the community.

Courses are offered online, year-round on a trimester schedule. All courses carry 3 semester units of graduate-level education credit.
Introduction to Assistive Technology
SPE 530
Reviews the use of Assistive Technology as it relates to education, communication, vocation, recreation, and mobility for individuals with disabilities. Explores types of assistive technologies, functional assessments, resources, and district responsibilities.

Basic Assistive Technology
SPE 531
Provides information regarding design and development of basic assistive technologies, compares human and system performance, and details the development of system interfaces.

Advanced Assistive Technology
SPE 532
Teaches students to use and adapt a variety of assistive technology devices and software
and apply these technologies in a wide range of integrated educational settings.

Administration of Assistive Technology Services
SPE 533
Provides students with information on a variety of administrative issues, including the role of the Transdisciplinary Team, identification of funding and other resources, specialized computer adaptations, legal and ethical issues, and effective solutions.

Capstone Course in Assistive Technology
SPE 537
Students will apply assistive technology skills by performing functional assessments, developing technology goals/objectives, and selecting appropriate assistive technology services for the disabled. Additionally, students will develop skills to facilitate the development of a system to deliver assistive technology devices and services.

Contact Paul Richard
Orange County Department of Education
PO Box 9050
Costa Mesa, CA 92628-9050
(714) 966-4140

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