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Course Information

The courses that I teach here at Dominguez Hills are designed to provide students with competencies that they will need throughout their numerous careers either in the arts or in business, education, sciences, health, or management.   These competencies include 1) Knowledge Outcomes - the basics of Western and non-Western civilization, key works of literature, and familiarity with important  esthetic and philosophical principles; 2) Skills Outcomes - Reading, Writing, Critical thinking, Problem solving, Information Competence, and Occupational Skills; and 3) Attitudes and Values Outcomes - Cultural, Personal, and Social Values.
Click here for the full list of the full list of General Theatre Arts Competencies.

THE 355    World Theatre
A reflection on the major theatrical achievements of Eastern and Western civilization, this course familiarizes students with the plays, physical theatres, actors, producer-directors, and production styles that contributed to the development of theatre from its ritual origins to the present.
THE 337    Creative Dramatics
Teachers will learn to create and implement drama exercises in their own classrooms and foster an environment where youngsters can feel comfortable to work creatively and think critically.
THE 353    Playwriting THE 374    Directing HUM 310   The Power of Masks HUM 310   The American Musical

This course investigates how the origins and development of the American Musical have helped to define America itself.   Through the analysis of selected musicals and criticism, discussion of their relevance to modern life, and the production of thesis-based written and oral compositions, student will learn how our musicals sketch out a social history of our country.

 THE 100     Introduction to Theatre, Film and Television
THE 160     Acting for Non-Majors THE 495     Chicano/Chicana Theatre THE 120     Fundamentals of Speech

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