Teatro Objectives

 Teatro Dominguez, a multicultural theatre company composed of students, faculty, and staff members, is dedicated to cross-cultural understanding both on the campus of CSU Dominguez Hills and in the surrounding communities.  The Teatro performs play readings, conducts workshops, and tours short productions adapted from folktales.  Combined with post-play discussions, these programs focus on multicultural themes - cultural heroes (Marcus Garvey, Cesar Chavez, Frederick Douglas, etc.), social issues (immigration, drug and alcohol abuse, gangs, intergenerational conflict caused by acculturation, etc.), and cultural values (honesty, responsibility, generosity, etc. as portrayed in ethnic folktales).  The Teatro has done extremely well at promoting original writing by students and would like to foster play development that informs their communities about cultural heroes and heroines, problems of race and gender, alternatives to crime and substance abuse, and issues that improve multicultural awareness among students.

 Teatro Dominguez is not a Theatre Arts program, but rather, a leadership training program for students from all departments of the university who are interested in community service.  The Teatro also brings high school and community college students together, in addition to students from Dominguez Hills, to perform in local schools of the Los Angeles Unified School District, community centers, and local libraries.  Essential to the goals of the Teatro are the opportunities it offers students to develop their speaking abilities, to acquire more confidence in their interpersonal work, and to shape an image of themselves as community leaders and creative problem solvers.

In its first four years, the Teatro has performed readings, workshops, and folktales in classrooms here, in community centers, and in local elementary schools.  See Teatro Activities.

What Teatro Student Members Do

Publicity (Flyers and Programs, PSAs) for all events
Promotion (Developing audiences on campus and in community)
Production of Teatro Programs
 - Staging and Performing in Play Readings
 - Writing Touring Shows
 - Auditioning and Rehearsing student actors for  all presentations
 - Conducting Post-Play Discussions with Audiences
 - Contacting Guest Artists to work with the Teatro
 - Arranging Tours with Local Schools and Community
 - Attend all Advisory Board Meetings and publish agendas and minutes of all meetings
Research for Future Programming
 - Relevant Social Issues
 - Customs and Leaders of World Cultures