Our students do a wide variety of jobs in Teatro Dominguez.  It gives each of them a fully informative experience about all the aspects of theatre production and community service.  If you choose to join Teatro you may be expected to contribute in the following ways:

1.  Promotion (Developing audiences on campus and in community)

- Contacing Faculty Members teaching General Studies Courses and asking them if you can make presentations in their classes
- Circulation of Newsletters and Flyers to Faculty, Students & Staff

- Copying, Assembling and Mailing Flyers to Teatro Mail List
- Organizing Promotional efforts (e.g. Postings on campus) among the company members
- Speaking at campus promotional events about Teatro Dominguez

2.  Production of Teatro Programs

- Staging Play Readings
- Auditioning and Rehearsing student actors for  all presentations
- Prompt Books for Play Readings and Tours
- Technical assistance with banner and props/sets, masks, etc.
- Assisting Directors who are staging Teatro productions
- Conducting Post-Play Discussions with Audiences
- Attend all Advisory Board Meetings
- Assist the Storytelling program
- Conduct and/or supervise theatre games workshops in local schools

3.  Management of the Teatro

- Communication with Director on all activities (Weekly Meetings)
- Logging of Hours (Timecard)
- Monthly Pay Forms due at CAS Dean by the 20th of each month
- Supervision of Teatro rehearsals and productions
- House Management on Teatro presentations (room set up, programs, ..)
- Represent Teatro at local schools and conferences
- Generate the participation of all Teatro members