Cast of Characters


UPS Man/Woman Brown papered box to deliver; all business;

Perdida                 Middle-aged homeless woman who lives in the shadows; well kept, despite living on street (e.g. long hair is dirty but set up nicely, and long skirts make her seem like a former librarian); a bag lady without bags; she pushes around an old baby stroller;

Calacas                  12 skeletons in masks/makeup:

5 Actor/Speakers: Pneumonia, Apathy, Cancer, Depression, and Murder; Pneumonia and Apathy should double as singers too;

4 Singers: O.D., Heart Attack, with Pneumonia and Apathy;

5 Dancers: Madness, War, Jealousy, Cigarette, and Drowning;

The Gods:

     Zeus                 Greek masculine figure, with thunderbolt, good pecs

     Yahweh            Hebrew and Christian image of kind old guy

     Ms. Hamid        Appears for Allah, who can't appear in person, professional

     Saraswati          Hindu goddess with four arms, spiritual

     Quetzalcoatl      Aztec wise old man

     Yemaja              Yoruba mother goddess, an orisha, magical


     Every Bro         African-American, 40s, dad, office job, but still hip

     Every Dude      White surfer or skateboarder, 20s, down cat

     Every Woman  Preferably older, in 60s, the elder

Community Chorus:     Contemporary allegorical characters from service organizations

     Prudence          From Peace and Joy Care Center here in Carson

     Faith                 From Gang Alternative Program in Wilmington

     Hope                From Compton YWCA

     Charity             From Sage House Adult Care Center in San Pedro

Beauty                  Palos Verdes teen queen, on the runway

Knowledge           CSUDH professor, male or female, cap and gown

Greediness            Real Estate agent from Lawndale

Five Wits               A five headed puppet from San Pedro, representing wit, imagination, fantasy, estimation, and memory;

Strength                Redondo Beach weight lifter (a puppet)

Goods                   Stylish white rapper with lots of Bling from Lomita (puppet)

Fellowship             Black woman from Gardena, warm and understanding

Kindred                A Latino family from Carson (mother, son, two girls, grandfather)

Discretion              Lawyer from Torrance

Three Devils:        

     Mick                 The boss; Heath Ledger's Joker type;

     Bel                    She's hot; a gritty Patti Smith type;

     Mr. Scratch       The enforcer; older, but not a gentleman;

Caitlin Jones          A sinner in the audience, a good screamer.

Good Deeds         Suffering woman who saves Everyperson.


Place:  South Bay of L.A.

Time:  Hard to say: Today, and yesterday


There is no intermission.

Musical Numbers


Act I:


Dance of Death                     Calacas


The One True God               The Gods and Calacas


Dem Bones                           The Gods and Calacas


Hard to be Good                  EveryBro, EveryWoman, EveryDude (to: Fumble Fingers' "Hide from your Heart")



Act II:


The Pilgrims' Song                 Calacas (to: "Anni Novi Novitas")


A Reckoning Straight            EveryP with Beauty, Knowledge, Greediness


Such Voyages                       EveryP with Strength, Five Wits, Goods


On Me You Can Rely            EveryP with Kindred, Fellowship, Discretion



Act III:


Hellmouth Is Waiting            Calacas and Devils


Perdida                                 EveryP, Good Deeds, and Perdida


The Promised Land              Good Deeds (to: Fumble Fingers' "The Promised Land.")


Happy Trails                         EveryP and Good Deeds with Calacas


Dance of Death Reprise        Calacas, Gods, UPS, Audience




Note on Language:


The play attempts a contemporary adaptation of a medieval classic by mixing Middle English and modern idioms into a contortion humorously referred to as "Thanglish."   The Middle English serves to identify the world of the hereafter (UPS, Good Deeds, The Gods, and the Calacas), and requires only some added emphasis in resonance and diction in order to lend a lift in formality.  Everypeople, Act II allegoricals, and Community members speak in the contemporary style of EveryDay.