By Laws







1.                              Name   


                               This organization shall be known as the California State University,  Dominguez Hills Black Faculty and Staff Association.    



The mission of the California State University, Dominguez Hills Black Faculty and Staff Association is to encourage and promote issues relevant to the professional, academic and personal development of the California State University, Dominguez Hills Black faculty, staff and students.


2.                              Purpose


                        The purpose of this organization shall be:                                                          

2.1.1    To create a basic support group for members and non-members of the Association.

2.1.2        To network with other Black faculty and staff within the California State University.

2.1.3        To provide a forum for Black faculty and staff to express their concerns on a broad range of issues.

2.1.4        To familiarize ourselves with issues facing Black faculty and staff at this university.

2.1.5        To create a network among Black faculty and staff for Black students who need support and assistance, and mentoring at this university.

2.1.6        To encourage the hiring and promoting of more Black faculty, staff and administrators and to encourage the entry of more Black students into this university.

2.1.7        To implement programs dealing with all vital issues as they relate to the professional, academic and personal development of the faculty and staff.

2.1.8        To aid in curriculum development that is inclusive of racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse subjective matter.

2.1.9        To aid in the planning and implementation of Black cultural events at this university.

2.1.10    To create and maintain an open cooperative relationship between this university and its surrounding communities.


3.                              Membership


3.1       Regular Membership Eligibility

3.1.1    Faculty, staff and administrators are defined as full-time or part-time, permanent, temporary, or auxiliary employees at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

3.1.2        Each person as defined in 3.1.1, along with designated representatives from student organizations of this university, are eligible for regular membership.


3.2        Associate Membership Eligibility

3.2.1        Community agencies and their members are eligible for regular membership.

3.2.2        Persons or organizations not qualified for regular membership but who are interested in and supportive of the goals of the organization shall be eligible for associate membership.

3.2.3        Any actively enrolled student in good standing at CSU Dominguez Hills


3.3        Honorary Membership Eligibility

3.3.1        Persons whose service in education has exemplified the goals and interests of the organization shall be bestowed honorary membership by the organization’s President and approved by the Executive Board.


3.4        Active Membership Status

3.4.1        Persons, representatives, agencies and organizations whose dues are current shall be considered active members.


3.5        Dues

3.5.1        Regular membership dues shall be $ 10 per month.

3.5.2        Associate membership dues shall be $ 60.00 per calendar year.

3.5.3        Honorary membership shall have no dues requirement


4.                              Rights and Privileges



4.1.1    All regular members have full voting rights at general membership meetings and elections.

4.1.2        Eligible voters who cannot attend a meeting or election can submit a signed vote by proxy.  In the case of a general meeting or general election a quorum must still be maintained. A quorum is defined as one more than ˝ of the regular membership.

4.1.3        All regular members shall have reduced rates at all BFSA activities.

5.                              Organization


                        The Executive Board

5.1.1    The responsible body of the organization shall be known as the Executive Board.

5.1.2        The Executive Board shall be comprised of the elected officials of the organization.


5.2        Officers

5.2.1        President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Parliamentarian shall be elected by the regular membership.

5.2.2        The term of office for each of these positions shall be two years.  In the event any of the officers no longer can fulfill her or his duties, the general body can entertain nominations for interim officials and with majority vote approve a replacement until the next general election.


5.3           Standing Committees

5.3.1        The standing committees of the organization shall be:  Membership, Information and Publicity, Program Development and Fund-raising.  Other committees may be added with the approval of the Executive Board.

5.3.2        Each standing committee should be chaired by a member of the Executive Board, unless this presents a “hardship.”  In this case, the President can appoint a committee chair.


5.4           Subcommittees

5.4.1        Any committee chair shall have the authority to establish subcommittees to the respective standing committee as required.  These committees shall expire upon the completion of their function or the term of the committee chair.


5.5           Ad Hoc Committees

5.5.1        As directed by the Executive Board, the President shall establish special ad hoc committees which shall expire upon the completion of their function or the term of the President.


6.                              Duties and Responsibilities


6.1      The Executive Board shall be responsible for overseeing functions of the organization and its standing committees.  The Board shall develop policies    governing the operation of the organization and shall have the authority to negotiate all transactions of the organization.  The Board is the central representative organ of the organization.



6.2              The President shall preside over all business sessions of the organization and Executive Board.  She/he shall appoint a presiding officer in the event both the President and Vice-President are absent from a meeting.  The President shall be directly responsible to the Executive Board and shall carry out all policies set by the Board.  She/he shall serve as the official spokesperson for the organization and she/he shall submit reports as requested by the Executive Board.  The President, upon approval of the Executive Board, shall appoint all committees.  The President shall serve as chair of the Program Development Standing Committee.


6.3              The Vice-President shall preside over business sessions of the organization in the absence of the President.  She/he shall assist in the coordination of activities of the organization, as directed by the President and the Executive Board.  The Vice-President shall chair the Membership Standing Committee.


6.4              The Secretary (or Communications and Publicity Officer) shall coordinate the activities of the Information and Publicity Committee and be responsible for minutes to meetings, publicity of events, publications and the distribution of pertinent information to members and the campus community, as directed by the President and the Executive Board.


6.5              The Treasurer shall maintain the financial records to the organization and receive and disburse funds of the organization as authorized by the Executive Board.  She/he shall develop an annual budget, jointly with the President, and give a written report quarterly.  S/he will encourage current dues status of all members.


6.6              The Parliamentarian shall be well versed in parliamentary procedures and rules.  She/he shall insure that all meetings of the organization are conducted in accordance with the rules and customs of parliamentary procedures.


7.                              Elections




7.1.1    All Organizational elections shall be administered by the Elections Committee under the guidelines of the Information and Publicity Committee.  A general election shall be conducted in November of each election year.

7.1.2        If there are vacancies after the November election, the President shall appoint individuals to fill the vacancies with the confirmation of the Executive Board.

7.1.3        Newly elected officers shall assume the elected position beginning July 1st.


8.                              Recall



                        Upon submission of a petition signed by one-third (1/3) of those who voted in the previous general election, a special election shall be called to recall any member of the Executive Board.

                        Upon receipt of such a petition, the Elections Committee shall have ten (10) working days to announce a special election.

                        Upon the receipt of the verified petition, such recall legislation shall be submitted to the members of the organization at an election within twenty (20) working days of the initial announcement.


9.                              Duties of Committees


                        The Membership Committee shall:

                        Recruit new members

                        Report on the status of the membership as directed.

                        Perform other membership duties as directed by the Executive Board


                        The Information and Publicity Committee Shall:

                        Publicize all events sponsored by the organization and as directed by the Executive Board, including membership meetings.

                        Distribute pertinent information to the membership and campus community to provide a clear and positive image of the organization as directed by the President and approved by the Executive Board.

                        Publish an annual newsletter to include information relative to the goals of the organization and its membership.


                        The Program Development and Fund-raising Committee shall:

                        Plan and implement programs that relate to the goals of the organization as directed by the Executive Board. 

                        Research issues that relate to the organization and report findings to the Executive Board and Association.

                        Plan and implement all fund-raising activities sponsored by the organization as directed by the Executive Board.


10.                          By-laws


                        The By-laws shall be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the total voting membership of the organization.