Proctor Information

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Proctor Requirements:
The final examination for each course will be proctored. In order to maximize security and
assure testing integrity of the final examination, it will be the responsibility of each student
to identify a proctor to be approved by the Academic Coordinator each term.

Ideally, this proctor would be the local American Society of Quality (ASQ) section Education and/or Certification chairperson. The ASQ has an Education/Certification chairperson in each of their 250 plus sections located throughout the United States. These chairpersons coordinate local training and proctor the national ASQ quarterly certification examinations.

An alternate examination proctor must be a professional such as a librarian, military officer, or local high school or college faculty member. The proctor's instructions include a requirement for the student to provide acceptable official document. Final exams will be taken
at the course Web site in Blackboard. The proctor will be issued a password via e-mail to allow
the student access to the final exam, once the student has entered the class site in Blackboard.

NOTE: In some international locations, the Proctor may be required to fax the completed
exam to the BSQA Office.

Submitting Proctor Information:

Your proctor information must be received and accepted by the BSQA office no later than
October 31st for the fall, February 28th for the Spring term, and June 15th for the summer
term. The BSQA office cannot mail your final exam to your proctor without first receiving your proctor information. Please submit the name, postal address, telephone number and qualification
of your proctor to to your instructor and fax your proctor agreement form to the Quality Assurance office at 310-516-4423.

Please note: No proctor information will be accepted after the due date stated above. The
student may receive an incomplete in the course or a grade of "F" depending on the discretion
of the instructor. Proctor information must be submitted each term by the student to guarantee that the final exam is sent to the correct person.