Technical Requirements

Any platform (Mac, PC, etc.) can be used, providing it has sufficient RAM and an operating system that is capable of running a graphical Web browser such as Netscape (4.0 or higher), or Microsoft's Internet Explorer (5.0 or higher).

Minimum system requirements
PCs: 486 CPU, 16 MB RAM, Windows 95 or better.
Mac: 68020 processor; system 7.0 or MacOS; 16MB of RAM.

A 56K modem (or better) is recommended. A modem as slow as 14.4 will work, but
unless you are an amazingly patient person, its slow speed may result in less-than-ideal
learning experiences. A 56K modem will help to create the best learning environment by
reducing wait time and the resultant frustration.

Internet Access
You will need to have access to the Internet through some means. If your employer
does not provide you with Web access, you will need to have an account with an Internet
Service Provider (ISP). The average cost for unlimited access to the Internet is $20.00 per
month. Important: Make certain the ISP you choose has a dial-up number which is local
for you so you will not incur any additional phone charges.
For useful information about finding the right service provider and
getting connected to the Internet, visit these PBS Web pages:
Understanding & Using the Internet | Life on the Internet

Information for International Students
The Directory and The List have listings of Internet Access Providers worldwide.

We recommend the latest version of Netscape Navigator or Mozilla Firefox.

You will also need an E-Mail application. Any application that allows you to attach files is
sufficient. You can probably use the e-mail program provided by your ISP to set up your student account. Should you have the need, Eudora is an e-mail application developed by Qualcomm and can be downloaded free of charge from their Web site. You must use your university-assigned e-mail account for class and program information.