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A message from the President


On behalf of the California State University, Dominguez Hills, faculty, staff, and fellow students, I welcome you to the University.  Whether you are beginning or continuing your academic career, I am sure you will find much to challenge you, as well as much to enjoy on campus.

You are beginning an especially exciting year at Cal State Dominguez Hills in the 2004-2005 academic year.  This is the first year for a new academic structure that will see the inauguration of five new colleges housing our academic departments and programs.  These five are the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences, the College of Business Administration and Public Policy, the College of Health and Human Services, and the College of education.  If you are new to the University this year, you will find your new academic home easily.  If you are a returning student, you may enjoy the adventure of finding old friends in new places!  Whoever you are, I expect that you will find the same academic rigors and solid support systems we have always offered to students.

Another new development to watch for is the advent of new majors and concentrations in academic areas.  For example, our athletic training program has been modified with plans to incorporate the reality of having the Home Depot Center athletic complex on University grounds.  Students in the program may have the advantage of working with the professional support staff and state-of-the-art facilities serving the world-class athletes who train or play her, an advantage that would not be matched anywhere in the country.  Watch for other exciting opportunities as the academic menu changes.

On this campus, we strongly believe that an advantage you will find is the diversity of your fellow students.  Whoever you are, you will undoubtedly find others who share your interests, your first language, your culture.  But perhaps even more importantly in an increasingly global environment, you will have the opportunity to come to know many who are very different from you. This is an opportunity to prepare yourself for success in the wider world when you graduate; don't miss it!  Make an effort to get to know all the variety we offer.  And one of the best ways to do that is to get involved in Associated Students, Inc. (ASI), where you will find a broad cross-section of your fellow students.  As the fall semester begins, I encourage you to stop by the ASI Office in the Loker Student Union and find out how you can get involved.

Many of you are working students, or students with family responsibilities in addition to homework and academic challenges.  There are a wide range of support systems in place to make your year easier, from tutors and faculty or University advisors to on-line research resources in the library, from counseling to resume writing workshops in Student affairs.  Again, all these and more are available to you, but you must make the effort to find what you need and use it!

And in addition to your academic life in the classroom, I encourage you to take advantage of the non-classroom opportunities you will find her-the lectures, the concerts, the games and athletic events, the plays, the contests-you will find a variety of co-curricular "happenings" to help you live a well-rounded life as a Toro.

Finally, I am sure you have heard about California's budget situation.  Perhaps you have wondered how the University will be faring with the widely-publicized budget cuts, and what our first line of defense will be?  On this campus, we are counting on ourselves!  That means we are already counting on you to practice courtesy and patience as we do our best with reduced staff in some areas.  We encourage you to be creative in following up on academic assignments.  Be persistent in scheduling the advising or mentoring or tutoring sessions you may need.  If some processes take longer than you think they should, be patient.  If there are more people in your class than you are accustomed to, take advantage of the chance to form a study group with others who may be feeling lost in the crowd.  In every challenge, try to see the opportunity.

I am confident that this University will manage well under the budget cuts because I believe in the Toro "family," a family of which you are a part.  I look forward to seeing the contributions you will make and the successes you will enjoy as a Toro--welcome to California State University, Dominguez Hills!


Dr. James E. Lyons

President, CSU Dominguez Hills