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Sandra Parham, Dean, University Library

Todd Boostrom, Caroline Bordinaro, Jeffrey Broude, John C. Calhoun, E. Carol Dales, Joanna E. Dunklee,                Francisco Garcia, Wei Ma, Naomi O. Moy

Jo Ellen Davis, Executive Assistant to the Dean

Lillie Cottrell, Secretary

Department Office:  ERC C-532 (310) 243-3700


Emeriti Faculty

Philip Wesley, E. Kenneth Bennett


In addition to individual one-on-one instruction in the use of library resources, Library faculty offer both general library use and subject-specific classes day or evening upon faculty request.  Sessions may be designed to meet the research requirements of a particular course or to assist with a special library assignment. 

Course Offerings

The credit value for each course in semester units is indicated for each term by a number in parentheses following the title. 


Lower Division

LIB 150     Library Skills and Strategies (2). 

Designed  to acquaint students with the use of academic libraries.  Practical exercises will develop skills for effectively utilizing library resources to fulfill research needs.  One hour of lecture and two hours of activity per week.


Upper Division

LIB 495     Special Topics in Library Research (1). 

Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. 

In-depth study of information retrieval in a particular format  or discipline, e.g. government documents, on-line databases, business resources.  One hour of lecture per week.