Subject Matter

Preparation Programs


Subject Matter Preparation programs provide students with the opportunity to achieve the mastery of the specific subject matter content required for a California Secondary Teaching Credential. Students may demonstrate the subject matter competency needed for the credential in one of two ways:

    by completion of an approved program in subject matter preparation

    by passing a comprehensive set of examinations in the subject matter field.

Although a student seeking a California Secondary Teaching Credential may complete any academic major, most students decide to complete the degree major closest to the subject field in which they wish to be authorized to teach. CSUDH offers a Single Subject Credential program in the following state-authorized subject fields:



    Foreign Language – Spanish

    History/Social Science


    Physical Education

    Physical Education: Dance Concentration

These subject matter preparation programs generally coincide sufficiently with the degree major to make it possible to complete major requirements using many of the same courses. However, degree programs and subject matter preparation programs serve different purposes; completing one is not a guarantee that you will have satisfied the requirements of the other. Students seeking a Single Subject credential should consult the appropriate sections of this catalog and contact the appropriate department for more information about these programs.

Good advising and careful planning are crucial. Transfer students seeking a CSUDH Single Subject credential should contact the Department of Teacher Education (310-243-3522) to seek a transcript evaluation, and then see their major department for additional advice.