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Department of Modern Languages


Miguel Domínguez, Department Chair

Department Office (Modern Languages): LCH A-338
(310) 243-3315, FAX (310) 516-3316


The offerings in Japanese include elementary Japanese language and conversation courses. These courses are ideal choices for students minoring in Asian-Pacific Studies, as well as for those students interested in learning a non-European language. The course in Commercial Japanese is particularly suited for students majoring or minoring in business administration.

Academic Advising

The Department of Modern Languages is eager to provide all its students with the advisement they will need to continue their studies in a foreign language. An advisor can be particularly helpful in choosing the Japanese course best suited to the background and needs of each student.

Students are urged to see an advisor upon admission, upon completion of 60 semester units, and during the first semester of their senior year.

Academic advisors may refer their students to other student services when appropriate.



Course Offerings

The credit value for each course in semester units is indicated for each term by a number in parentheses following the title. For course availability, please see the list of tentative course offerings in the current Class Schedule.


Lower Division

JPN 110    Beginning Japanese I (3).

An intensive audio-lingual approach to modern spoken Japanese for students who have no previous work in Japanese (with Japanese progressively replacing English as the medium of classroom communication).

JPN 111    Beginning Japanese II (3).

Prerequisite: JPN 110 or equivalent.

A continuation of Japanese 110. Introduction of Hiragana and Kanji (characters) gradually during the semester; elementary reading exercises accompany the spoken language materials.

Infrequently Offered Courses

The following courses are scheduled on a “demand” basis. Students should consult the department office for information about the next schedule offering.


JPN 230    Japanese Conversation (3).

Prerequisite: One year of Japanese or consent
of instructor.

Speaking proficiency in standard modern Japanese. Practice through dialogue and individual presentations to develop fluency for personal, commercial, and cultural activities. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 units. Repeatable course.