All guests, students, staff, and faculty are entitled to an academic experience free from hazards. However, where hazards exist, attention must be paid in recognizing as well as reporting them. In order to raise the safety awareness level among the campus community, the Office of Risk Management/Environmental Health and Occupational Safety (RM/EHOS) has developed the following key points:

  • Become familiar with campus emergency procedures and evacuation instructions posted in each classroom and laboratory.
  • Report any hazards to your instructor or RM/EHOS at extension 3012.
  • During emergencies, listen to the directions provided by your instructor, Floor Warden and/or Police Officer.
  • Immediately report any injuries, however minor, to your instructor or to the Police department at extension 3639.
  • If work in your class involves contact with hazardous materials (chemicals, pathogenic matter or radioactive materials) be sure to receive training on: the nature of the material you will be working with; proper handling methods for these materials; and the use of personal protective equipment.

These guidelines also apply for academic activities that take place outside of the classroom. Be sure to attend class briefings concerning hazards in field trip settings prior to participation in off-site activities.