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Location:  Welch Hall C-300

Phone:  1 (800) 344-5484
              (310) 243-2120

Fax:        (310) 217-6800

Email:  HHSNSSC@csudh.edu

Welcome to the SCC

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Services Center (SSC) is to facilitate students educational experience by providing academic guidance and support. As the gateway to the undergraduate degree programs in the College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing (CHHSN), we advise students who are major in Nursing, Health Sciences, Child Development, and Human Services. As a team, we strive to ensure students progression towards academic, professional, and degree objectives.

Serving as the liaison between students and teaching faculty, we provide personalized advisement sessions to meet student needs. We take great pride in accommodating our students and will continue to provide our services to ensure positive experiences for students enrolled in the above undergraduate degree programs within the CHHSN.


  • Questions regarding the admissions process
  • Degree progression/schedule planning
  • Class availability
  • Understanding graduation requirements
  • General academic questions or concerns
  • Unit load
  • Community College articulation
  • Graduate programs
  • Choose or change a major
  • Assistance to removal probationary status to avoid disqualification
  • File for graduation