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Location:  Welch Hall C-300

Phone:  1 (800) 344-5484
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Fax:        (310) 217-6800

Email:  HHSNSSC@csudh.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

General Education Questions

Q: What is G.E. certification and why do I need it?

A: Transfer students with complete certification of CSUGE breadth requirements are not held to additional lower division courses within the general education pattern. Accredited community colleges and public four-year colleges may certify all or part of your GE requirements. Transfer students should request their college to “certify” their GE. Additional nine semester units of upper division GE (Area F & G) must be completed at CSUDH. To inquire if a lower division GE course is transferable visit www.assist.org.

Q: I got a “C-“ in one of my major courses. Do I have to take it again?

A: Yes, all Bachelor degree programs in the CHHSN require students to obtain a grade of “C” or better in all major courses. As an undergraduate student, you can Repeat and Cancel up to 18 units in the courses in which you received a grade less than “C-“and replace your previous grade with your new grade.

Q: How often should I see an academic advisor?

A: You may visit your academic advisor each semester. Please be noted students are required to see an advisor at the 60 and 90 unit marks.

Nursing students may request a telephone appointment.

Q: When do I meet with an advisor vs. faculty advisor?

A: You may meet with your faculty advisor for specific questions regarding your major beyond the scope of the SSC, such as professional career, society, and fieldwork placements.

Q: How many units can I transfer from my community college?

A: Students may transfer up to 70 units from a community college. Any course taken beyond the unit count of 70 will complete the requirement that the class fulfills but you will not receive additional units.

Graduation Questions

Q: How & when do I file for graduation?

A: You are eligible to apply for graduation one semester in advance. You will need to schedule an appointment with your advisor prior to the graduation application deadline. The Application for Award of Degree will need to be signed by your advisor before you can pay the application fee at the Cashiers office.

The application for graduation can be downloaded at: http://www3.csudh.edu/student-affairs/admissions-and-records/docs/app-for-award-of-degree.pdf

For Nursing Students, please review your advising report, make sure all general education and major requirements are completed or in progress. Please call the SSC to schedule a telephone appointment if you have any questions on your report.

Graduation Application is available at http://www.csudh.edu/cps/son/forms.htm. Please pay on line and fax application along with proof of payment to (310) 217-6800.

Nursing advisor will review, sign and forward to the graduation unit for you.

For more information regarding graduation and commencement procedures, please visit the Graduation Commencement website: www.csudh.edu/commencement

The following are the graduation application deadlines:
Fall semester – July 1st Late application - September 15th
Spring semester - October 1st Late application - December 20th
Summer semester - February 1st          Late application - April 15th

Q: What do I do when I have a Hold?

A: If you have an Advising hold or an Academic Probation hold, you will need to see your academic advisor. If you have other type of holds, please contact the appropriate department. For example, if you have a GWE hold, you will need to contact the Testing Center, except for those Nursing students who opt to take the GWE with a proctor (refer to the School of Nursing website).

Q: How do I know if I am eligible to graduate?

A: Please review your advising report via MyCSUDH. You should be eligible to graduate if no any red squares.

Q: I got my AA/AS degree, am I G.E. certified?

A: Not necessary. By earning your Associates Degree, you have completed a lot of the requirements but not all of them. You will need to request GE certification from your college; it is not automatically done when requesting official transcripts.

Q: What is the GWE?

A: It is the Graduation Writing Exam. The GWE is an option to satisfy the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), it is a timed essay writing exam. You must earn a score of 8 or better to pass the exam. If you do not receive a score of 8 or better, you are given one more attempt to pass. For more information, please visit the Testing Office website: www.csudh.edu/testing. Other alternatives include (English 350: Advanced Composition) or (IDS 397 and IDS 398). It is recommended that you enroll in ENG 350 if you want and/or need writing experience. This requirement must be satisfied around the 72 unit mark.

For Nursing students: You have the option of taking the GWE on campus or with a proctor in your area. If you opt to take the GWE with a proctor, refer to the Nursing forms web-link for instructions; you will need to submit an Examination Request/Proctor Agreement form prior to your respective deadline.

Registration Questions

Q: When do I register for classes?

A: Please refer to MyCSUDH for your registration appointment date and time. The dates for registration are posted in the Academic Calendar which is located inside the Class Schedule.

Q: When is the last day to drop?

A: The last day to drop with full refund would be the day prior to the semester beginning. The last day to drop without a record of enrollment is at the end of the first three weeks of the semester. After the third week of the semester, a Serious and Compelling Reason is required to drop courses, a “W” grade (Withdrawal) is assigned to your student record which does not affect your GPA. If you do not officially withdraw, a “WU” grade will be assigned to your student record which does affect your GPA; a “WU” grade is equivalent to an F grade. Please note, it is the student’s responsibility to notify your instructors if you need to drop your courses.

Q: I can’t drop my class on MyCSUDH. Is there any way I can still drop?

A: After the third week of classes, a student is required to drop with a Change of Program (ADD/DROP) form. Students need to obtain the instructor, department chair, and dean’s signatures at this point.

For Nursing students: After the third week of classes you will need to fax in the Change of Program (ADD/DROP) form which is available on the School of Nursing forms web-link. You will need to obtain an email approval from the instructor and fax a copy of the email with the Change of Program form. Please print the email in memo style. Please note that after we receive the form we must obtain approval from the Department Chair, and if you are dropping your class/es after the 12th week of school, we must obtain the Dean’s signature as well. This may lengthen the amount of time it takes to drop you from your courses.