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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


  • 60 or more transferable college units (70 semester units/105 quarter units maximum accepted from community colleges and 96 units from a four-year institution)
  • Current RN licensure in the United States or transcripts noting you are near the end of the program
  • College GPA of at least 2.0
  • Completion of the following Prerequisite courses including the  Basic GE Courses (the golden 4 are noted with a *)
    • It is recommended that you obtain GE Certification from a community college prior to admission.

Nursing Program Prerequisite Course

CSU GE-Breadth Area

• Oral communication *


• Written communication *


• Critical thinking *


• Statistics *


• College Chemistry: general, inorganic, organic or integrated
(with associated lab if required at the institution
where the course was taken)

B1, (B3)

• Human anatomy (with required lab)

B2, B3

• Human physiology (with required lab)

B2, B3

• Microbiology (with required lab)

B2, B3


Chemistry Requirement
In order to a chemistry course to be credited, the course must contain 4 components below:
1. Meets the criteria of CSU GE-breadth area
2. Has a lab component (if required at the institution where the course was taken)
3. Cannot be a pre-requisite course of another chemistry course
4. Includes general, inorganic, organic, or integrated chemistry
For the applicants who are denied for admission due to the chemistry requirement and wish to appeal, please visit http://www4.csudh.edu/admissions-records/admissions/admissions-criteria-appeals/. If you have additional questions, you can contact Transfer Center at 310-243-3422. (02.20.14).

If you meet the above requirements, you can apply online by going to http://www.csumentor.edu

  • The nursing major code for CSU Dominguez Hills is #12031.
  • The cost to apply is $55.00.  If you are applying after November 1 for Spring semester, or after April 1 for Fall semester, include a $15 late fee.
  • Have your sealed official transcripts sent to CSUDH Admissions & Records Office.

If you have any questions please call the College of Professional Studies, Student Services Center at 310-243-2120.

  • Submit a University Admission Application with a $55.00 (non-refundable) application fee, which can be found at www.csumentor.edu.


  • Submit Official transcripts to Admissions and Records.
  • Memorize your CSUDH Student ID#. This will be provided by Admissions and Records.



CSU Mentor Application submission period beginning


October 1


August 1

  • Dates may be modified based on University needs

For important Admissions information and deadlines please visit the following pages:
Application Checklist for Transfer Students: http://www3.csudh.edu/student-affairs/ois/transfer-students/application-checklist/default.html

Important Dates You Should Know: http://www3.csudh.edu/student-affairs/ois/transfer-students/important-dates-you-should-know/default.html

  • An official transcript is required from each college or university attended. Send transcripts directly to Admissions and Records, NOT to Nursing. Additionally, request a copy to be sent directly to you for your personal portfolio.  Transcripts should be ordered at least 4 weeks prior to the respective deadline date, and it is strongly suggested that prior schools send all transcripts directly to you so can forward them to CSUDH Admissions and Records office directly.  Transcripts are “official” as long as they are not opened. .

At any time, you may check your application status by calling 310-243-3645 or via MY CSUDH.  Because the application process takes about six to eight weeks, it is strongly suggested that you check your application status three to four weeks after submission to ensure that your materials are being processed. Contact the University Advising Center at BSNge@csudh.edu should you have questions regarding G.E. courses.  Be sure to indicate that you are a Nursing student, as there are some Nursing courses that count toward G.E. units.