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Bachelor of Science in Nursing


It is preferable that courses be taken in a general order, but there is some flexibility to that order.  The program can be completed in three semesters or more, depending on how many units you wish to take. 

  • BSN 302 Concepts of Professional Nursing Practice (First class taken)

     After or concurrently with that, the following courses can be taken:

  • BSN 405 Statistics* (3)
  • BSN 346 Pathophysiology* (3)
  • BSN 380 Health Assessment* (3)
  • BSN 381 Health Assessment Skills Lab* (1)
  • BSN 460 Nursing Research Utilization (3)

BSN 381L is a Performance Course and as such, requires clinical performance.  The 1 unit Health Assessment Skills Seminar takes place either on campus or at a location identified one weekend during the semester.  Attendance is required. 

After this initial series of classes, the next section includes:

  • BSN 306 Cultural Diversity in Healthcare  (3)
  • BSN 340  Professional Collaboration in Nursing Practice (3)
  • BSN 400 Health promotion and Teaching (3)
  • BSN 408 Gerontological Nursing Practice (3)
  • BSN 410 Community based Nursing 1 (3)
  • BSN 411 Home Health Role Performance (2)

The last section of courses includes:

  • BSN 420 Community Based Nursing 2 (3)
  • BSN 421 Public Health Role Performance (2)
  • BSN 430 Healthcare Systems, Policy and Finance (3)
  • BSN 307 Health Care Informatics and Technology (3)
  • BSN 450 Principles of Leadership and Management in Nursing (3)
  • BSN 451 Leadership/Management Role Performance (2)

Performance courses (411L, 421L, & 451L) occur in a clinical field setting and involve a clinical preceptor as well as the course instructor.  Theory and clinical courses need to be taken in the same semester.  All performance courses have TBA (to-be-assigned) dates and hours in addition to those listed in the class schedule.  Refer to the course syllabus and the BSN Clinical Handbook for more specific information.  The BSN Clinical Handbook can be downloaded here.

Additional GE courses may be required. 

Course Section Numbers

Stateside courses end in section numbers ending in 8: 08,18,28, etc.  Course section number 19 designates a testing section, not a regular class.  Sections ending in 171, 172, and so forth are Extended Education sections and will involve additional tuition. 

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