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MEPN Program Admissions FAQ

Does it matter what field I received my bachelor’s degree in?
No.  Any bachelor’s degree from an accredited university/college is acceptable, as long as you complete the pre-requisite courses.  See the MEPN Admissions page for a list of required courses.

How do you calculate my GPA?
Admissions and Records calculates your GPA using the last 60 semester (90 quarter) units from your undergraduate transcripts.  This may include some bachelor’s or graduate-level courses completed after your degree, but does not include any courses taken at a community college. We do not include any courses taken after you graduated in the calculation.

My GPA is below a 3.0, will I still be considered for admissions?
Admission is competitive.  On occasion we may admit someone with a GPA slightly below 3.0 if the rest of their admissions portfolio is very strong; however, this is rare. 

Do you require a grade of B or better in the science pre-requisite courses?
Yes.  If you received a grade below a B in Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology, we encourage you to repeat the course for a better grade.  If there is no evidence that you plan to repeat the course, you will not be considered for admission.

I received my degree from a foreign university, will you accept my transcripts?
Please see CSUDH Admissions & Records for information on foreign transcript evaluation.

How many in-progress courses may I have when I apply?
We would prefer no more than one or two courses in-progress at the time you submit your portfolio.

May I meet with someone to go over my transcripts?
We require all applicants to attend a MEPN Admissions Workshop.  At this time, your transcripts will be evaluated by one of our nursing faculty.

Where may I take the pathophysiology course?
Though pathophysiology is no longer required for admission, it is still a pre-requisite for advanced pathophysiology, a required course in the MEPN curriculum. Samuel Merritt University has a good list of acceptable pathophysiology courses, many of them online.  Please click here for the course list.  (This list is not all-inclusive – many other courses are out there.)

Where can I enroll in a CNA course?
CNA courses are offered by community colleges, regional occupation centers, adult education programs, vocational schools, private health schools, sometimes hospitals, the Red Cross, etc.   

Do you require a TEAS test?

What is your admissions period?
Our workshops are held once a month from September to December.  You may apply to CSUDH for the fall semester through CSUMentor.edu beginning October 1.  The deadline to officially apply to the university is January 1.  We only admit students for the fall semester.

May I apply without attending a MEPN Admissions Workshop?
No.  You must attend a MEPN Admissions Workshop and submit a portfolio to move on to the interview phase of the admissions process.  Please visit the MEPN Workshop page for workshop dates and how to sign up.

Does every applicant receive an interview?
No.  If an applicant does not meet minimum admissions standards (GPA well below 3.0, grades below B in pre-requisite courses, large number of missing pre-requisites, etc.), they most likely will not be invited to interview.

What is the deadline to apply to your program?
You must submit your admissions portfolio within 30 days after the workshop you attend.  If you are not able to submit your portfolio within that timeframe, you must attend another workshop.  Therefore, we encourage potential applicants to attend a workshop when they are ready or near ready to apply.

How many students do you admit each year?
We receive 100+ applications for 25-30 spots.

Do you have a waitlist?
The majority of our admitted applicants choose to enroll; however, we do maintain a short waitlist to fill any spots that may open up over the summer.

How do I fulfill the GWAR (Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement)?
This requirement is fulfilled after an applicant is admitted into the program.  If you recently attended a CSU campus for your undergraduate degree, you most likely fulfilled this writing requirement through coursework.  Please visit the CSUDH Testing Office for more information on Graduate Writing Exam (GWE) or its equivalencies.