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California State University, Dominguez Hills
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Created: January 9, 2006
Latest Update: January 9, 2006

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Cridell, Alana C.: Link to name for records.

Message 8774:

Alana, congratulations on your pregnancy. I understand how difficult it is to attend classes while going through the first trimester. I'm a bit confounded that the school would make exceptions for you not attending. Anytime I have been in school there was a rule that you were allowed to have one absence per unit (3 unit class, 3 days and your out.) No exceptions were allowed so we attended no matter how horrible we felt OR we dropped out. Has the university system gotten to the point where they let students decide when they will attend and when they won't? If they have, then these students will find themselves more often than not in the unemployement lines because Corporate America isn't as forgiving.

Hang in there, this too shall pass. Small bites of something bland every couple of hours should help you and tiny sips of juice or water (not swallows, sips).




Spirit wrote to Alana in response to Alana's message 8772 on he difficulties she was having with her pregnancy. No, Spirit, the university does not permit you to come when you wish, and they still expect you to study 3 hours for every hour of class. Add up the hours our students spend at work, caring for family, and taking full or over-full loads at school. None of us could do it.

You suggest that if the school is permitting that, that our students will find themselves unemployed in the work world. This is about standards and measuring learning. Alana did miss lots of time because of the difficulties she was having. But having my lectures, self tests, and transform_dom available on site, means that not only could she manage to follow the work and learn in spite of the setback, but it even offered something to take her mind off her problems. I permit absence because presence is not really an issue. Many of the students who do sit regularly in some of our classes are basically out to lunch the whole time. Not only are they learning nothing, but they are distracting to the learning environment in the classroom. Now they will have a problem when they discover that industry expects them to produce, except that so many corporate environments are so political, so competitive in political ways, and so incompetent at management today.

When someone has had absences, Pat and I are there for whole days to meet with them and catch them up. Learning one on one is much easier, especially after you've had the benefit of lectures and self tests. One of the reasons that many young women of the 70's complained so about being home was the lack of stimulating activities for their minds. I hope that the model we are offering for education will lead to some new definitions of how one can acquire one's education.

I don't think an education is complete when it is autodidactic. We need to question and to dialog with others. That's a basic part of learning. But transform_dom and self tests are beginning to define ways in which we can get around some of the fast track issues of metropolitan education without endangering our health and our ambitions.

Alana, you might consider coming in next semester to share with me and Pat how we might further investigate alternatives such as we have offered you, and which variables we should explore, and how we might measure them. Kathleen might help by sharing with you how we might deal with the BGUTI [Better Get Used to It] she raised, that you should get used to giving up or hanging in when you're sick because that's what's gonna happen in the real world. I'd rather be a community activist to change BGUTI. I don't want to get used to having less access than those with special privileges, like wealth, family support, career status. jeanne
December 27, 2005

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