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Statistics: Pineda, Alex:
Learning Records, Fall 2005

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Created: January 11, 2006
Latest Update: January 11, 2006

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Index of Topics on Site Statistical Learning Records, Fall 2005
Pineda, Alex:

Message 117:

This class not only helped with Applying Statistics in sociology it also helped by using Statistics and applying them to other courses.

Using the stats from the no child left behind table, I was able to apply it to a research paper I did for another class. Pub 302 Administration of Financial Resouces is the name of the course. My paper compared two schools in different neighborhoods within the Los Angeles Unified School District.

This table gave me the easy access to data from schools that were in need of improvement. This was an easy way to look for data for my research paper.


I'm glad we helped. And I'm glad that statistics is making sense to you in terms of how to actually use the data.
December 27, 2005

Message 107 of Learning Records:

We hear of Williams on the news. However his life lies in the hands of who???

Schwarzenegger, you got to be kidding me. What makes people think that Arnold is going to have mercy on this man, when he is coming from a Nazi background. I dont know, but this is not the person to ask for clemency.


Alex, you are making whole bunches of wicked little unstated assumptions here, based on your own perspective. I want you to go back and state the assumptions you are making, and then think about how your own perspective influences how you interpret public events that others may honestly interpret very differently. You can't effectively use statistics without that understanding.
December 23, 2005

Message 81 of Learning Records:

1. The reason we are making boxes is so we can use it as a visualization or a metamorphis to compare something to our own selves. The boxes help explain an issue and all the problems are inside that issue.

2. Using the instructions it took around 45 minutes to complete the box.

3. Using the pattern that is left from folding the paper, it is a matter folding the corners to the inside of where the two main folds meet, or the big x.

4. By looking and following the pattern we learn repetition as well as learn how the next fold is going to be while making the box. We not only learn from hearing but from looking, and this is a perfect example of that. We can represent the lines as being the rows of chairs in a classroom. This is because a classroom is squared as the paper and we have always been taught that students have to always seat in lines and behave a certain way as well. The pattern for making a box can also be compared to how people make lines, and how they form them in almost everywhere they go.


Good summary, Alex. The reason it takes so long to follow the steps literally is because we are not atttending to the overall pattern and context, an important issue in statistical analysis.
December 22, 2005
Alex, delighted that I have a face for the name now.
October 8, 2005

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