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Created: January 9, 2006
Latest Update: January 9, 2006

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Message 8050:

I agree that respect being taught does come form the home first. But if no one is being respected out of the house then what is the child supposed to do? where is he/she supposed to learn the value of respect? It's hard for a child to understand respect when its not being show where they are most of the time, and then the teacher sometime may assume that the child is just bad and disrespectful. What are you to do then?


This was a good reply to the earlier message no. 60:
I read an article today about respect in the classroom. The author's premise (and I agree) is that respect starts from within. How children are raised has a lot to do with if they feel respected and know how to give respect. Not out of fear, as often time happens to children, but out of honor, a child respects a teacher because the teacher has a position of honor. We as individuals must self-reflect on our biases, known and unknown to permit us to be respectful. I know that I have offended others or hurt feelings unintentionally and unknowingly just by being unaware of my own stereotypes. How many times has a teacher in an elementary school made an assumption about a child who talks too much, forgets to raise their hand, or demonstrates other disruptive behavior without exploring the child's value system. Maybe they are being disrespectful, do they know, does anyone bother to teach them why? Not just the rules, the reasons we respect others. We respect others because we respect ourselves.

December 20, 2005

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