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Statistics: Jackson, Diedra L.:
Learning Records, Fall 2005

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: January 9, 2006
Latest Update: January 9, 2006

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Jackson, Diedra L.: Link to name for records.
Diedra, were you in my office on Thursday? I know I have another Deidra, but I don't know your last names.
October 8, 2005

Message 5813:

Hi Jeanne,

I, Diedra Jackson (one of those magic ones, or those waiting for magic, that is a magic number:) I appreciate the status report of them.

As for the article, the lecture you gave on Tues. helped me I think. I didn't write before because I was having difficulty making the correlation from pain to statistical data. And after rereading the article I think that is the problem. There is difficulty in accurately recording pain reduction. Pain as a measurement is so variable. It varies not only within individual judgement but can vary considerably from individual to individual. It just so happens that I went to an accupuncturist today and he was asking me about pain that I had two years ago. I couldn't relate well to retrieving that infomration for him accurately, and even when he asked me to gauge current pain I had a hard time because I am used to a certain amount so what used to be a 6 is now a 4. The people in the article that reported pain reduction may be reporting the same "number", but may have a differing tolerance so the data would be relative. That would make accurate reporting to regression to the mean as a whole group difficult and maybe even difficult indiviually, if they like I lose some of the rememberance of the severity of pain after the fact. I guess I want to ask you if it is possible to accurately record pain data? and if so how?


No, it's not. Pain is socially constructed, as well as physiologically constructed. If you have lived without pain, even a little may not be acceptable. But, as you say, if you have had pain, you may adjust to a different standard, depending on your own situatedness. Good response.
December 19, 2005

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