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Statistics: Schwind, Jennifer N.:
Learning Records, Fall 2005

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: January 11, 2006
Latest Update: January 11, 2006

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Schwind, Jennifer N.:


Message 9035:

I really enjoyed your poem. It reminds us that we are all the same inside with feelings and insecurities. To often people are are only seen for what color they are and not for whats inside. We may miss the oppurtunity to meet an incredible person if we judge them by the color of their skin. We have all been "uncomfortable in our own skin" we shouldn't make someone else feel uncomfortable because of their skin.


It would help to let us know which poem you're referring to.
December 27, 2005

Message 122 of Learning Records:

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your approach to teaching statistics. This was the last class I needed before I graduated and I was putting it off for so long because everyone told me how hard statistics would be. I truly enjoyed coming to your class and listening to your lectures. I learned a lot about statistics, and I also learned things about our government that I may have never found out if it wasn't for you. It was nice to finally have a teacher who understands whats its like being a college student! Thanks again Jennifer Schwind Soc.220


Thank you, Jennifer. It was fun.
December 27, 2005

Message 8982:

I have mixed feelings about what happened to Tookie williams. Whether or not he killed those four people he was sentenced to death, and in California we enforce the death penalty. He is not the first nor will he be the last to die by lethal injection. I personally do not support the death penalty but since California enforces the death penalty than all prisoners sitting on death row should be treated the same regardless of what color they are or how much money they have.


This is a sticky wicket issue. Yes, the death penalty is the law of California, but it's been abolished in most developed countries. Moreover, there is no evidence that it serves as a deterrent, and we are very unsure about the antecedents of violent behavior when there are such large percentages of minorities who suffer this fate.

To conceptually relate this issue to statistics you would want to look at some of the tables available in the criminal justice data base, and comment on what those data suggest.
December 27, 2005

Jennifer, I remember your name coming up. But I'm afraid I may have more than one of you. Remind me of your last name when I see you.
October 8, 2005

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