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Learning Records, Fall 2005

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Created: January 11, 2006
Latest Update: January 11, 2006

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Waters, Victoria:


Message 7677:

Hi Jeannie,

I don't know if you saw this interview I believe about two weeks ago on abc's primetime news special last thursday. It was about two twin 13 year old girls that were bringing hitler back on the rise with music they wrote about what hitler stood for and of course about white power. I didn't get to see the whole story about the young girls, the magazine show was updating the story because a lot of people reacted so strongly to this topic. The girls believed that hitler did not cause the holocaust that killed millions of jewish people, they believed that it was all made up and that hitler was a good man, and that he should be recognized for his great attributes and contributions to our country, I guess, at least that was how the girls explained their thinking. I wanted to post this because I couldn't believe that these young girls responded to some of the questions that were asked of them about what is truth and history. They believed it was good that was done by this man, which in all reality it was not. It just hurt me to know that such hate and closed-mindness still lives on in America, and its growing stronger with young people like these young girls , whose minds are being reared into Hitler's young proteges, with people buying their music, the word is being spread through more and more young minds everyday, it truly still baffles my mind that people can be sucked in by any and every little thing. And it is sad that sometimes nothing can be done to change minds that are already stuck on what they want to know and already know.


Nice explanation and example of the arrogance of knowingness. (Jonathan Lear) White supremacy has been around a long time, Victoria, and we're a long way from seeing the end of such arrogance and privilege mongering.
December 20, 2005

Message 5946:

In regards to the pain and the mind article, I believe I understand what regression to the mean means. Not too long ago at my job I banged my thumb against a metal railing, when I first hit my hand there was no pain at all, I just shook it off and went back to my business, but then about an hour later after I got off of work, my hand was in unbearable pain. My thumb didn't move and the rest of my fingers were numb. I went straight to the ER that night, still in pain. As I was being checked out by the nurse she asked me, from on a scale from 1 to 10, how much pain was I in? I informed here that the pain was a 8, which went down from about 10 to 8 in a half hour, but I couldn't really measure my pain from moving to an 8 in that amount of time. I still felt that the pain was at a 10, but I was feeling reassured that the pain was less because of the way the nurse using my measurement of pain to be less than imagined so I believed that the pain wasn't so much anymore. In the article these people believed that when asked about the pain in their spine, it skyrocketed because they heard about a new response on how to deal with the pain, having cement injected in their spine, they jumped at a chance to have this new procedure. Their pain was absolutely unbearable to deal with, but some still had problems with having the cement injected into their spine. Sure the cement cured some whose pain was a 10 an hour before, but after the injection the pain subsided and when asked again, what their pain level was, it was most likely a 3 or a 1, or no pain at all. In my case after 4 hours in the emergency room, the doctor finally asked me again what my scale of pain was and I replied a 4, after sitting in the emergency room for 4 hours, the pain in my whole hand went away after being given a motrin and wiggling my hand around for a while or so, my pain went away. So I can understand why the people in the article wanted to have the procedure with the cement done, to cure their pain, even if it doesn't last, or causes lifetime relief. I believe I understood what regression to the mean meant, because I believed it meant that during my stay at the emergency room my pain was could not be measured from a scale on 1 to 10, because my pain wasn't downgraded just because I was asked about it, it couldn't be measured in no amount, pain is pain no matter what, and it cannot subside when the person in pain is asked over and over again, the height of pain matters on the person's self report.


Not quite, Veronica. What you have described is that real pain continues to hurt no matter how much you are asked to measure it, and that the measures are relatively meaningless because pain is subjective. But regression toward the mean, we are trying to say that over time the amount of pain will vary even when nothing is done to alleviate it. Distraction, soothing support, medicine, any number of things may change the rate at which we measure our pain. Because of that we would expect that a new treatment might cause us to believe the pain is going away and the measurement will probably then be reported as closer to the average report, even though the pain may still be excruciating.

If two very smart people have a child, the child's IQ is likely to be closer to the average IQ, just because everything tends to move toward the mean.
December 19, 2005

Victoria, got your message about posting problems. If I don't find your messages tonight, we'll work on that either over the break or at the start of Spring semester. A for the class, with your need to check back with me until we get this straight. Sorry that I lost time at the end.
December 19, 2005

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