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Created: January 12, 2006
Latest Update: January 12, 2006

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Smith, Rene:


Message 7155:

When a person declines to accept an idea or act upon a negative perception they are making a small step in the right direction. One person can't change the world's perception on things that might be wrong but they may be able to influence those around them which in the long run and initiate a trigger affect and make a big difference. A perfect example is Rosa Parks. When she sat in the front of the bus she was just acting against what was viewed as acceptable. She probably never thought that her one action would trigger events that would change the way things were ran throughout the United States. With this action she was showing her love for society and for what was right. People fail to realize that the acceptance of others is a magnification of love for your self and society. We are all human beings and to discriminate against someone because they are different is to allow hate towards one of your own. Acceptance is a part of love and this is what we should be working towards or we will all be in trouble.


Nice use of the Rosa Parks example, and nice understanding of one step at a time.
December 20, 2005

Message 6548:

It's not a surprise that the government works in such a manner (on no bid contracts). It reminds me of the old saying "It's not what you know but who you know". I know it's horrible that this is how are society works but it's true. This saying can be applied from the most powerful and richest person to the poorest and it would take a miracle to restructure everyone's thinking and the whole system in which our society is based on. I'm not saying that it's right for people to take advantage of the disaster to buy unnecessary things when the people affected by it have to start form scratch but it's politics.


I think I still believe in miracles. We need one here.
December 20, 2005

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