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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: January 12, 2006
Latest Update: January 12, 2006

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Foronda, January O.:


Message 8667:

This seems so true to me. I lived in somewhat of a rural-suburbian area where, at one point, one house a month ended up on fire or exploded due to the meth labs inside of them. When i researched more into my county's meth use, it was unbelievable how spread out it was.


Good participation on transform_dom. Context is in Message 8667. January, I know you would have had no difficulty in linking this to the helping professions, had I not been unable to post these earlier. But I would appreciate if you add these conceptual links for later posting. It will help me complete the records for this semester. In this case, consider the problems that agencies have in dealing with problems like "meth," in understanding the popular conceptions of meth as a "white" drug. Which agencies are involved? Who makes the decisions? What input do agency personnel have to all this? Even if you have not had any direct experience with this agency and issue, the students and faculty at UWP, who share our site, do have such information.
December 23, 2005

Message 8666:

I've learned that there are two ways to stop the negative effects of stereotypes: you either talk about them or you don't. If someone decides to deal with stereotypes by talking about them, then the best way is to make comedy about them. If you think about it, when Mencia makes fun of stereotypes, he is showing that they are ridiculous. It's a good way of bringing up the issue of stereotypes without harm and showing that they need to be diminished.


The contextual discussion is on Message 8666. I would quarrel, January, with your statement that there are "two ways," especially when you give no reference for that statement. Where did you get this information? Is it your personal experience? And if it is, then you need to consider how someone else's experiences may differ? Remember that I always try to cite sources for the statements I make. This is why.
December 23, 2005

Message 8335:

Does anybody know of the Lizzie Borden case? It has been a mystery who killed her parents. Several factors about her being a woman have made it possible for her to get away with murder, if she actually did it. I find it amazing to know that the concept of women getting away with crime or less punishment is still a controversy. The issues now might not be the same as during the Salem witch trials or during Lizzie Borden's time, but the fact remains it's still around.


Glad that you got into this whole thread on corrections and women.
December 22, 2005

Message 8334:

I guess that's one aspect of the prevalent influence media has on our society. What is worse is that, when people see this sort of stuff, like the Gotti family and how their family prospered, it shows that crime pays. John Gotti's grandchildren are far from being criminal-minded, yet they have all these luxuries and opportunities given to them, because of their grandfather's criminal activities.


This message was in reply to Michael Griffin's and Alisha Tnielu in Message 8309. Again, I'm very pleased at the discourse. Good work, kids.
December 22, 2005

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