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Created: January 11, 2006
Latest Update: January 11, 2006

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Criddell, Alana C:


Message 8761:

I am having a problem with all these celebrities that are trying to save tookie williams from capital punishment. He was one of the cofounders of the crips gang and murdered people. how does this give him more of a chance to live than the next criminal? I think this is a discouragement to the black race. and this teaches our children that it is ok to murder people, and be a part of a gang and go to jail and be [given clemency against] being executed. this is a bad example of saving a person. Alana Criddell


These are the issues we need to weigh, Alana. Many of those who object to the execution believe that it is wrong for the state to engage in murder for many of the same reasons you give - like the effect on our children. Also Tookie Williams was not on trial for founding the Crips, and someone did point that out on transform_dom. When such issues are tried in the media, as this one has been, people have a hard time focussing on what is and is not evidence. Feelings and emotions come into play. But gangs and murder are emotional issues. How far does loving the "other" go? When do we have the right to abrogate the commandment "Thou shalt not kill?" Very few countries still have the death penalty. Our history with the "wild west" and all the Hollywood stories that led to such violence seems to lead us to be more accepting of the death penalty. Wish the semester had allowed us more time to go more deeply into these complexities.
December 24, 2005

Message 8763:

I have been really stressed out over my finals. And the only class that gives me relief is my love 1a class. It deals with everyday life and doesn't give me any added stress. thanks Jeanne for teaching us that every class doesn't have to be stressful. Alana Criddell


Thank you, Alana. Learning is a need we all experience. We wither and die without it. So I am delighted that you have been able to have this experience, especially at such a critical time in your life. Remember to share this understanding of learning with your little one when he/she arrives.
December 24, 2005

Message 8795:

I was surprised when I read this article and found out that some people oppose entirely the idea of incorporating a different method or alternative of teaching science. The new "intelligent Design" proposed by a high school in Dover, Pa., wants the ninth grade biology classes to incorporate this new theory which believes that a higher being is responsible for the creation of the world and of all living organism. This theory clearly opposes the theory of evolution because living organisms are simply too complex to have evolved from a single atom or cell. To me this new method sounds like a good alternative to those students who have a religious background and disagree entirely with the evolution theory.

Unfortunately that wasn't the case in Dover, where 11 parents were not happy with this proposition and filled a law suit against the school board and the district, claiming that the church and the state should be kept separate. For almost a year now, this case has been building tension between people that oppose it and people that are in favor. The people that are in favor feel confident that even though it started in one school, that it will become a popular alternative to biology that could influence other public schools across the country. On the other hand those who oppose it say that it simply doesn't have a basis to be called "an alternative", they claim that there is no evidence for supernatural occurrences to claim that a higher power created the world. I guess the reason this article caught my attention so much is because I'm a Christian mother, and I believe, just like Mrs. Heid from the article, that our children should have an alternative to the theory of evolution that gets taught in high school.


Alana, this is a major issue just now that has arisen primarily because the President has insisted upon bringing religion into the political domain. When you have recovered, you will come in to discuss this with us. Meanwhile, I would like you to review the arguments on transform_dom. They might help you understand, though there is considerable emotion flying around there, too. You put the issue succinctly in your own words: "our children should have an alternative to the theory of evolution that gets taught in high school". One plausible response to that is that your children have their church, mosque, temple, to teach the religious story of creation. Religion and its creation stories are not an alternative to biology.
December 24, 2005

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