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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: January 11, 2006
Latest Update: January 11, 2006

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Nedilskyj, Alexander:


Message 8434:

i agree. this is has been the most stressful semester i have ever had. applying for grad school, getting letters or recommendation, studying for the gre, and work is taking over my entire life. while i don't have imaginary friends like jeanne, i'm a huge superman fan. in my room, i have a painting that my friend made which has him flying over space looking at the world. everytime i'm stressed or overwhelemed, i look at that painting and realize that if superman can look over the entire world and still have time to live a double life, than i can make it through this semester.


Yep, that's the idea, Alex. Mythos is an important part of keeping us sane in this Kafkaesque world we live in today.
December 22, 2005

Message 8303:

i realize this is fairly late, however, i decided to elaborate more on what i spoke about in class. It was mentioned by myself and several other students that there was a large amount of younger individuals who were very motivated and eager about voting, which is really rare. truthfully, i have never voted at all just becuase i've always been lackadaisical when it came to anything about politics. luckily, jeanne's sheer fury at the propositions and the fact that a majority of my friends are planning on being teachers gave me the extra push i needed to go vote and spread the word about the different propopsitions.while i was at work that day i spoke to all my fellow employees and handed out copies of the papers i had received on campus explaining the different propositions. it was very rewarding explaining the propositions to people who didn't know about them and also very pleasing to hear so many individuals explain how they already had voted and give their own input on different propositions and their disgust with arnold.


Alex, I'm so glad we got you to do that. Sorry that it took my "sheer fury" to provide the impetus, but I'm glad it worked. Don't blame young people for this phenomenon. The adults in our society are so zeroed in on their own fast track that they don't set an example, and they don't ever let you see their sheer fury, often because they're not informed or motivated either. I lay that at the fault of our educational system. I hope this course helped you past that.
December 22, 2005

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