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Love 1A: Perez, Christine M.:
Learning Records, Fall 2005

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Created: January 11, 2006
Latest Update: January 11, 2006

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Perez, Christine M.:


In Message No. 7121, Christine wrote: "Christine Perez
Love 1A

Hi Jeannie,
I read the article and felt like it hit so close to home. I sent you an e-mail already telling you about my work situation. I had to make a decision to look the other way (about the mistreatment of my co- worker) or to go along with the group. This can be a difficult situation. One might be faced with joining the group or taking a loss. This is where ethics and morals make the person. At my work the the boss likes me but knows I will not talk crap about my co-worker. Alot of times she excludes me in discussions. I had a hard time at first. BUt know I have accepted the stand I have made and no longer care about how she tries to get underneath my skin. I am at a temporary job and won't have to deal with her much longer. I feel if that is what gets her throuth her day, then she really is a sad individual. I feel sorry for her. I will continue to be a good person and not take part in something so stupid such as gossip!

On October 18, 2005,jeanne responded: I'm glad this made sense to you. I think you are referring to Rebekah's discussion on American History X and Life Without Parole. Often we have very little control over the insensitive or harmful things that happen in our environment. Refusing to be a party to such harm is one way of investing love in our world.

love and peace, jeanne

Does the following belong to Karey Riem???? jeanne

In message 6462, Karey wrote: "In reading through the excerpt of 'Of Pandas and People', I was suprised it was meant for high school students. Darwin is mentioned, at the bottom of page one, but only generally and quickly. I wonder if the term Intelligent Design came about because of the biblical implication that comes from creationism; perhaps to keep people from having an automated response to it. As for Baker, ("We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did." ) I agree that even people who believe in Intelligent Design would disagree with that statement."
On October 18, 2005, jeanne responded: One way to look at this Intelligent Design issue is that put forward by Stephen Salkever in Finding the Mean, in which he points out that the world actually occurs for us as a whole, and the insistence upon breaking it up into "intelligent design" or "experimentalism" or anything else misses the point that humans are different from other animals, and that "facts" don't cut it without "values" and without the substantive reflection of the whole. Darwin never supported social evolution. Too much is lost in the scientific reductionism. But we can't have the whole without regard to what science is able to tell us. Good response. love and peace, jeanne

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