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Created: January 11, 2006
Latest Update: January 11, 2006

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Roberts, Denice:


Message 6525:

One of the things that has been most helpful in my life as a Christian is a verse of scripture that is an admonition to "examine yourself." It is very easy to tell another what they should or should not do,but what do we do? We say that abortion is murder and remind others that"thou shall not kill." This is scriptural but whetherthis is something that should be mandated by law is another question. Victims of rape,incest, or those for whom poor health is an issue do not need others to make these types of decisions for them. We need to love others who find themselves "victoms of circumstances"enough to allow them control over what is already a trying situation.

Denise, your message of "examine yourself" is very close to our message of avoiding the arrogance of knowingness. In examining ourselves we recognize that each of us has a relation with others, but that none of us were given to "judge" others for we are not omniscient and cannot know the Other except from our own perspective.

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December 19, 2005

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