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Learning Records, Fall 2005

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Created: January 11, 2006
Latest Update: January 11, 2006

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Marquez, Veronica L:


Message 8643:

Jeanne, I truly enjoyed reading your story about your jaguars, what caught my attention the most was that when one has faith like you do in your jaguars nothing else matters but what you believe in, and you believe that these jaguars are good and are here to bring goodness to your life and those you care about. I am so glad that they helped take your pain away. Reading your story was very interesting. I truly have a blast reading your stories, and believe it or not, you gave me a little something after reading your story. I seem to think about your jaguars when I need a little comfort in my life. Thank You, Veronica Marquez


That's the joy of sharing our mythos narratives, Veronica. As we share our narratives we build on each others' strengths. Robert Merton spoke of this as climbing "on the shoulders of giants," meaning that each new cohort builds on the narratives passed on by earlier cohorts. Kind of neat, isn't it? In this sense, the idea of "plagiarism" is alien and goes against our whole narrative tradition.
December 22, 2005

Message 8018:

Today, I had the privilege to vote, I say privilege because I know many people don't have the right to vote. It was quite an interesting experience because as I was in line I was passing out cards I made to inform people about the proposition, and I was getting some negativity from people apposing my view on the proposition, but over all I was standing there staying true to my view and my words that I stand for, and I simply went in and voted. This experience was quite interesting because I was able to observe other people and wondering if they are doing the right thing in voting for the different propositions, but at least I handed out post cards informing about my views on the propositions, and that made me feel great. Veronica Marquez


Veronica, I hope you were handing out cards on the Prop. 65 Warning on toxic materials because that was passed many years ago. It's illegal to pass out campaign materials in close proximity to a polling place.
December 20, 2005

Message 6886:

Yes, indeed I agree that the dealth penalty should be abolished and I really appreciated this movie in the sense that it represented facts on why it should be abolished. I feel that the person who has committed the crime should be given time to sit back and realize that what he/she has committed is wrong, and to have their life taken is like giving them an easy way out; the punishment in my opinion is greater giving them life in prison and having them live with that in mind. And I don't believe anyone has a say in taking someone's life. Love, Veronica Marquez


Good points, Veronica. I have a 1998 Dutch book on this issue that I'll get up with the text reviews.
December 20, 2005

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