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Indep. Reading and Practicum: Griffin, Michael:
Learning Records, Spring 2006

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Created: January 12, 2006
Latest Update: January 12, 2006

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Griffin, Michael:


A for a good job of teaching. You made a real impression with Richard and have changed his whole outlook on statistics. That's impressive.

When you are operating one on one with students you are wonderful. I don't know that I agree with your transform_dom philosophy of demanding discipline. On the other hand, I think that our failure to demand high standards of performance of our students is one of the disasters of modern education. I think we're quibbling mostly about minor details. Especially when I watch you with students like Richard.

I also think we're both trying to find effective ways to get that discipline without the distorting phenomenon of testing. Our styles are just a little different. I think I'm halfway between you and Susan. But this is an area in which there are very few models. Actually, when we're working together our styles are very similar.

Good food for thought that we need to publish so others can join in the discourse. After grades are in.


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