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Indep. Reading and Practicum: Johnson, Patrice:
Learning Records, Spring 2006

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Created: January 12, 2006
Latest Update: January 12, 2006

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Johnson, Patrice:


Message 8710:

Jeannie, Thanks a million for posting information concerning the Prescription Drug Coverage. This information is very valuable to me because it gives me more clarity on choosing the right coverage for my parent. I have called around gathering information so I can determine which coverage better addresses my parent needs. I to, have found this process to be confusing and tedious. The amount you pay for each perscription and/or the coinsurance is still very confusing to me. When I call to get information on this matter, some companies don't go into detail as much as I would like. What is all this business about 25% coinsurance, and then you have a limited amount you can spend. After that amount, then then the person has to pay an enormous amount of money to continue their drug therapy. One company even goes so far as to limit the customer to get their drug prescriptions filled at Walmart's. The yearly deductible is confusing to me also. What are the advantages of selecting to pay a premium of find a plan that has no deductible?. Is there someone out there that can help me with these concerns? (S.O.S)


Good questions, Patrice. I hope others responded to this on transform_dom, but in any case, you have until the May 15 deadline to make those decisions with no penalties.
December 23, 2005

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