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Learning/Teaching Module

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Created: August 1, 2002
Latest Update: September 4, 2003

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This teaching module is based on Learning and Teaching .

  1. Preparatory readings for module.

  2. Discussion questions.

    1. Explain in 25 words or so why we call some letters of recommendation "dog" letters.

    2. Explain in 25 words or so whether grades are connected to external or internal measures of learning.

    3. Explain in 25 words or so why we believe that authentication of learning must be interdependent and interactive. How could it be interdependent without being interactive?

  3. Experiential activities related to module.

    1. Think back through classes you have taken. Describe in 25 words or less some work you did, studying, thinking, discussing the concepts, applying what you learned, that you are pretty sure your teacher did not know about.

    2. Describe how you might tell me about that work so that it would be included in your final evaluation.

    3. Throughout the semester we will check that you have provided us with some evidence of your learning. That will establish a continuity in your learning. You are invited to choose the measure of learning that fits your learning style best. Reports of learning must be interactive and interdependent. You are responsible for telling me what you have accomplished, verifying it with your journal, and then communicating a brief report to me.

    4. Before the semester ends, you might want to draft a letter of recommendation reflecting your work in this course. Such a letter should include evidence of your learning in this class.

  4. Self-test questions related to module.

    True or False? And explain briefly why it's true or false. (25 words or less)

    1. Students learn differently.

    2. Teachers basically teach the same way.

    3. There is typically a "right" answer.

    4. Affect has no appropriate place in learning/teaching.

    5. If you don't understand something introduced in class, it means that you're not learning.

  5. Conceptual linking we had in mind as we prepared the module.