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Latest update: September 7, 2000
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Establishing Public Discourse on Aboriginal Justice

Establishing Public Discourse on Aboriginal Justice

Essay by Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata
Part of Distributive Justice Series
Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata, July 2000. "Fair Use" encouraged.


An important part of distributive justice is the recognition of the rights of all. For many of us that means that we must become more aware of the rights of indigenous peoples who for millennia were simply conquered and plundered by those with greater force.

The kinds of theoretical issues that arise in this context are those such as:

  • Gordon Fellman raises in Rambo and the Dalai Lama: adversarialism and mutuality.

  • A reintroduction of public discourse on aboriginal justice:
    "It is my opinion that reconciliation and the fight for justice for Aboriginal Australians is assisted by having as wide a knowledge of the issues as possible. For effective activism, a familiarity with current issues affecting Indigenous peoples can be important when a quick response is needed and it was with this in mind that I began a newsclip list a couple of years ago."
    RecOzNet2 Mailing List. Scroll down about half the file to Newsclips.

  • Differences in evaluation of the means to achieve that justice. Cite Martha Minow's rights analysis discussion in Making All the Difference: Inclusion and Exclusion in American Law. Nag me to put this up. I have the text. So does Pat. jeanne, July 20, 2000.

  • Post-modernist and post-structuralist concerns about meta-narrative and local narrative, and their impact on just telling the story from which history can be written, the story that was never told. Cite Joan Hoff, "The Pernicious Effects of Poststructuralism on Women's History," in Radically Speaking: Feminism Reclaimed, Diane Bell and Renate Klein, eds. Spinifex, North Melbourne. 1996. Nag me to put this up, too. Pat and I bought the book in Toronto last year. jeanne

Statement of List Purposes

"The purpose of this list is to provide an active, mutual information and assistance communication network for those who are currently involved in Reconciliation and related activities, or would like to be. The focus is on current practical Reconciliation issues primarily, but not exclusively, at local community level . . . "
RecOzNet2 Mailing List

Note the emphasis on:

  • Mutuality
  • Praxis
  • Local community

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