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Created: July 17, 2003
Latest Update: August 10, 2003
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  • Mazur's dictionary of critical sociology
    "Norm: 1. A rule in a society which specifies appropriate and desirable behavior. Much human behavior is mediated by various norms learned in socialization and emergent in everyday life. Compare to theories which ground human behavior in genes, instincts, personal desires or the single individual. 2. A statistical description of what people actually do in a situation. Much mischief accrues when statistical norms are held to be necessary social norms as in the Bell Curve. Empiricism holds that all such curves must come from the actual behavior of persons; those who believe that these forms are natural insist that all rational persons must conform to the curve.
    Link added August 11, 2003.
  • Keep Your Eye on the Ball
  • Evaluating a WebSite And playing along the way.
  • Doing a Web Search History as Culture.
  • Adapting Measures of Learning to Your Personal Learning Style Link created September 18, 1999. Updated July 17, 2003.
  • Authentication of Knowledge as Interdependent Link created June 29, 1999. Updated July 17, 2003.
  • The Five C's of Competency?

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