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Latest update: July 30, 2000
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Responses to Uncertainty in
A Complex, Changing World

On Sunday, July 23, Dr. Charles Notess wrote:

I am a retired PhD who has been away from academia for about 15 years.  My most recent work was 16 years in the field of city and county planning. I would like . . . some constructive feedback. . . for a course I plan to present to senior citizens in Ft. Collins, CO.  The course is part of the Front Range Senior Forum offerings for the Spring of 2001.

The URL for this early draft of the paper is: NOTE: Notess updated his URL's, above, to include his new access provider: "". The old provider was and that connection will be terminated by the end of September.

Charles Notess

Dr. Notess also is interested in "a faculty member or grad student" sharing work on this project.

On Sunday, July 30, 2000, jeanne responded:

Dear Dr. Notess,

Thank you for sharing your research interests with us. Many of the Dear Habermas community focus on similar interests. We look forward to an intriguing exchange of ideas, and hope that one of our graduate students will want to work on the project.