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Acknowledgments to Graphic Artists

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update:October 6, 1998
Faculty on the Site.

We included this page of acknowledgments because Netiquette has entered the normalization process. When we began the Dear Habermas site we were invited to share graphics from the most extraordinary places, like our Chemistry Department's homepage!. How wonderful, we thought, only to encounter the graphics again elsewhere in pages offered for the free taking. We kept records of what we saved for future use on Dear Habermas, but in the intervening months we acquired many records. We are still looking for a background artist who named some of her files with "ashz" at the beginning. Not all of them, mind you, but some of them. But we're sure the backgrounds for both Dear Habermas and the KIDS' page came from that site, which we believe is on Geocities. When last we searched there were over 9000 sites on Geocities offering backgrounds free for personal Webs!

We''ll probably find our background artist, for we don't have 9000 files to search through on our own local files. And hopefully we will soon be creating our own backgrounds. We were rather arrogant in the beginnng, believing that we would do everything from scratch and not use others' work. Hah! We are duly humbled and duly apologize to all the graphic artists whose work is far more complex and time-consuming than we had imagined. Someone else's hard work always seems so much simpler when you enjoy it from your own backyard.

And things have changed on the Web. A lot. Few sites still say, welcome to our graphics. Most say, you may take these graphics, in this specified group, but no others from my page. Much of that, I fear, was due to the linking to servers, which cost graphic artists many headaches. Visit Web Prestige Button a graphic artist's site for a thorough review of that problem, if you are unaware of it.

There are still sites that beckon with graphics, that enjoy providing collections they have gathered from all over the Web. We suggest that for your Web page you keep a record, such as this, so you will be able to acknowledge each graphic as fully as possible. You may also need such a file to link to when the link will not fit on or into the theme of your page. We invented the green asterisk for that.

Good luck, and don't forget to watch the discourse develop in this new social setting.