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Latest update: September 15, 2000

Sylvia Snowden's Tribute to Her Son, Malik

On Saturday, September 16, 2000, Lisette Garcia wrote:

The paintings that Silvia Snowden made of her son made me feel sad, and ask myself why people have to lose their loved ones at such an early age. Why don't these innocent people live longer, and not those who are only causing harm to others. I guess its just part of human suffering. Other than that, her art is very expressive and real, after seeing a few art paintings last semester in your class, I decided to take an art class during the summer, and I was introduced to many wonderful paintings and sculptures, I also saw more of Jacob Lawrence, and I felt so excited because I was able to discuss with the teacher what I knew about him and his painting, Firewood 55.


On Sunday, September 17, jeanne responded:

Lisette, I'm delighted to hear that you took an art class. What a wonderful thing to do in the summer! And I'm glad that our work with Jacob Lawrence gave you a means of getting to know your professor.

I agree with you that Sylvia Snowden's work is very expressive. I wish there had been a catalog so that I could have shared more of that exhibit with you. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about her work is that it exudes joy. Walking through the rooms of the exhibit her love for Malik comes alive. Malik, himself, comes alive, from his little ice skates moving rythmically around in tight little circles on a platform, to his bike all covered in a bright blue acrylic and soaring in the air, just as it must have when Malik rode it to triumph, to the dozens of pairs of very large athletic shoes, encircling a last physical reminder of the strapping young man Malik had become.

What a wonderful thing to share with the artist the beautiful memories of that young life. Art serves to help us express what words will sometimes not say.

love and peace, jeanne