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Created: December 12, 2004
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Yikes! Here we go again. Black students don't perform as well as white students in elite law schools, so they'd be better off if they went to second and third-tier schools. Here is another example of a lack of illocutionary understanding and any attempt at restorative justice. This is as bad as Jenkins article in the Harvard Educational Review and the Bell Curve. I've got to go finish learning records, but I'll get back to this as soon as they're up. I'm passionate about this same old stupid argument. And I see it happening also at MLK. YES, there are problems. But NO, they are not because blacks are less intelligent or less disciplined than others. The problems are bred into the educational system, and need to be addressed for what they are. jeanne

Meanwhile here's the article: Black law students are hurt, not helped, by affirmative action, professor claims By Diane Curtis. Backup.

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