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Annotation on the Meaning of Intertextuality

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Latest update: December 25, 1999
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Annotation on the Meaning of Intertextuality

by Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata
Copyright December 1999. "Fair Use" encouraged.

Preparatory readings for this workshop include Fox, his critique, additional postmodern intertextuality quotes. This is the first in a series of commentaries on the changing pattern of intertextuality and its importance to social research.

Fox's 1995 article:

Where to Start in Expressing a Validity Claim
Part of another series in which we discuss some of the ways in which theorists have themselves blamed the victim, who in this case is sociology. I am probably going to break this piece off from the "intertextuality" piece, to show how, once we begin to theorize we lose sight of the slippery slope of structural violence. The problem with putting this piece here is that it assumes prior knowledge of intertextuality - which might confuse both some of us in our reading, and blur the focus of our workshop discussions.