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Theorists Slipping into Structural Violence

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest update: December 25, 1999
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Annotation on Theorists Slipping into Structural Violence

by Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata
Copyright December 1999. "Fair Use" encouraged.

Preparatory readings for this workshop include Blalock (on theory building), Duncan Kennedy (on the law school hierarchy), some of the "integrity" research, and Fox's critic. We'll be looking at the structural violence of unstated assumptions that is expressed in anger, refusal to engage in argument, blaming of "lack of discipline," "lack of integrity," "lack of specific academic training."

Where to Start in Expressing a Validity Claim
Part of series in which we discuss some of the ways in which theorists have themselves blamed the victim, who in this case is sociology. Once we begin to theorize we lose sight of the slippery slope of structural violence. This piece assumes prior knowledge of intertextuality, as we are using it.